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We are stonger together

Take action to help us grow


Who We Are

We are a Teacher Union representing the educators of the Centennial School District in Portland, Oregon. We have over 6,000 students under our care.

Our Mission

Empowering Educators

Educators deserve ensure strong, fair contracts with school districts and employers so they can focus on what they do best - educating students.

Prioritizing Safe Classrooms

We're committed to helping create safe, welcoming and inclusive school environments through professional learning, policy advocacy, and organizing.

Diversifying the Workforce

Fighting for tools and resources to increase the number of BIPOC educators, so that our schools better reflect the communities they serve

Championing Equity For All

Each student and educator, whether black, brown, or white, must have every opportunity to be the best they can be.

Supporting Professional Growth

Providing and connecting educators to opportunities for continuing education in our professions to best serve students.


Recent News

Read about all of the latest news and events and get caught up on the To The Point newsletters. 


Take Part

Educators are stronger together. When it comes to contract negotiations, salaries and benefits, workplace protections, and improving learning and working conditions, a stronger union means we’re working from a position of strength.

As individuals, we have a limited impact on decisions that are made in our districts. Coming together as members of a strong union is the best way to have a seat at the table to fight for students and good working conditions.

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